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A backstage self portrait. An absolute joy to have photographed Leonard Bernstein's "Trouble in Tahiti". Bernstein and Berkeley Double Bill by the Royal College of Music Opera Studio. Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London, UK. July 01, 2019. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

A backstage self portrait. An absolute joy to have photographed Leonard Bernstein's "Trouble in Tahiti". Bernstein and Berkeley Double Bill by the Royal College of Music Opera Studio. Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London, UK. July 01, 2019. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

I was humbled when The Daily Mirror newspaper named me as the author of one of the world’s most iconic photographs, referring to my photograph from the July 7th terrorist bombings in London. One of these photographs was also selected for “100 Photos of the 21st Century: Editions de la Martiniere”. Alongside a third place award in the prestigious World Press Photo awards and being bestowed the title of Photographer Of The Year in the British Press Awards,  I have also served as the British Prime Minister's official photographer, as a member of a three photographer team, working directly for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair's office, at 10 Downing Street.

I started as a news photographer in 1989, working my way up through the regional newspapers, national newspapers, magazines and international news agencies. I’ve been fortunate to participate in several group and solo exhibitions, having my work exhibited in prestigious venue's such as New York's Grand Central Station, St James's Palace, The National Theatre, The Royal Albert Hall, Fulham Palace and London's South Bank. Exhibition venues have been situated in 88 cities around the world. I’ve also been published in numerous books. My main areas of work are portraiture, PR, the arts, documentary, news, fashion, commercial and advertising photography, alongside documenting daily life on the streets, capturing candid and natural moments, building a picture of our time. This ongoing personal project of street photography, capturing society at a given time and interactions with spaces, fashions and the trends of modern life, will build into a substantial body of work.

My career has led me to becoming a multi award-winning photographer and film maker, being named the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year and also winning third place in the Spot News category of the prestigious World Press Photo contest. I’ve also been conferred the title “Honorary Color Master” by the International Color Awards. To date, amassing over 60 awards and nominations for my work. My client list has included the biggest names in the industry, having regularly been commissioned by The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Press Association, Associated Press and Agence France Press. I have also worked with the most established PR agencies in the business and shot campaigns for the biggest brands, including an international campaign for Panasonic. My photojournalistic work is currently represented by Eyevine and Polaris Images (New York).

I’ve appeared on the BBC, talking about iconic photography, as well as several times on CNN, discussing my work. I was also featured on a Czech TV talk show about winning The Prize Of Prague. 

As the only European member of Apple’s Aperture Advisory Committee, a hand picked and exclusive group of around ten photographers, I helped shape the company’s professional image editing and cataloguing software.

I’m also a former brand ambassador for Olympus, helping with camera design, the lens roadmap as well as getting commissions for making several short films and many photographic projects, including images for the launch of the M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8. I have also been commissioned for projects with Canon, Sigma (around the L Mount Alliance) and was a tutor at the prestigious Leica Akademie in Mayfair. As an Adobe UK Influencer, I’m currently helping shape Lightroom as well as often teaching Lightroom workshops. I have also been a member of the Think Tank Photo design board.

I’ve formed a close working relationship with Panasonic Lumix, as an expert photographer, shooting award winning work with the G9 and was part of the team for the global launch of the new flagship S1 and S1R cameras in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve given several public talks on behalf of Panasonic Lumix as well as being a part of the team providing training on the Lumix S Series across the UK and Republic Of Ireland, for retailers and the tutors of the Jessops Academy. I was also commissioned by Panasonic Japan to shoot imagery for the international launch campaign for the Lumix S Pro 24-70mm f2.8 lens.

My work ethos, ethics and philosophy led to being invited by Dr Paul Lowe, to contribute to his best selling book, “Photography Rules: Essential Dos and Don’ts from Great Photographers”.

As a writer on photography, having been commissioned by Amateur Photographer magazine (the UK's highest selling photographic magazine), the British Journal of Photography and Professional Photography magazine. I'm also quite active in sharing ongoing projects on social media (see the links at the top right) and was thrilled to have welcomed my 10 millionth view on my Flickr.

In an effort to give back to the industry which I love so much, I’ve previously served for several years on the committee of the British Press Photographers’ Association (BPPA) and am a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). I have been invited to judge several photographic competitions of note, including the British Press Awards, Russian Press Photographer Of The Year, Press Photographers’ Association of Ireland's annual competition, the RAF Photographic Competition and the Metropolitan Police Historical Society’s Photographic Competition. I’m also a member of London Independent Photography, where I conceived of an outdoor exhibition concept and along with three colleagues on the  planning committee, realised this huge, five storey outdoor exhibition in 2021. A year of planning, fundraising, editing, design and curation, culminated in London's tallest ever outdoor photographic exhibition, titled "Unlocked; Looking Back, Looking Forward" featuring the work of 14 photographers.

During the pandemic year of 2020, I was proud to conceptualise and be the driving force behind a fundraising print auction, with a handful of colleagues from the Eyewitness Collective, which raised over £12,000.00 for MSF's Coronavirus Crisis Appeal.

My passion for photography has yet to falter. Decades as a professional photographer, often working for the biggest publications and brands, has kept me buzzing every time I create that magical shot.


Jan. 2023 Travel Photographer Of The Year: Highly Commended

Nov. 2022 British Photography Awards: Finalist in three categories; Documentary, Macro and Commercial.

Nov. 2022 BW Spider Awards: Two Honourable Mentions in Portrait and Photojournalism categories

Oct. 2022 UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards: Commendation, DMGT Portrait Photographer of the Year category

Jul. 2022 Urban Photo Awards; Selected Photographer (seven photographs)

Mar. 2022 International Color Awards: Three Honourable Mentions in Portrait, Photojournalism and Still Life, with two images nominated in People and Photojournalism

Nov. 2021 BW Spider Awards: Three Honourable Mentions in Americana, People and Photojournalism categories

Oct. 2021 'WANDRD' Photography Contest; A Portrait That Tells A Story: 2nd Place

Oct. 2021 Close-up Photographer of the Year 03; Shortlisted, Man-made category

Apr. 2021 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year: 3rd Place Awarded in Politics Of Food, with another image in the finals and one other shortlisted.

Mar. 2021 International Color Awards: Four nominations

Dec. 2020 Travel Photographer Of The Year: Seven images shortlisted in the finals

Dec. 2020 British Photography Awards: Two images shortlisted in the finals

Nov. 2020 BW Spider Awards: One Honourable Mentions in Fashion and seven further nominated images in Portrait, Photojournalism, People and Sports categories

Aug. 2020 NOIR (Best of the Club of BW Photography): Winner Of The Month; Street Photography

Jun. 2020 Urban Photo Awards: Urban Selected Photographer

Jun. 2020 Zebra Awards: Five photographs selected as finalists

Apr. 2020 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year: Shortlisted for The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

Mar. 2020 International Color Awards: Two Honourable Mentions and five nominations

Feb. 2020 British Photography Awards: Runner Up; Documentary Photography

Dec. 2019 British Photography Awards: Two images shortlisted in finals

Oct. 2019 BW Spider Awards: Two Honourable Mentions in Advertising and Photojournalism. Three further nominated images in People and Silhouette categories.

Mar. 2019 International Color Awards: Second place, Merit Of Excellence

Feb. 2019 Portrait Of Humanity: Two images in final round of judging

Jan. 2019 British Life Photography Awards: Winning image and three commended images

Nov. 2018 World Bank (Armenia Spitak Earthquake) Photo Contest: Second place prize (with two images shortlisted in finals)

Nov. 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year: Finalist

Nov. 2018 British Photography Awards: Two images shortlisted

Nov. 2018 BW Spider Awards: One highly commended and one nominated image

Oct. 2018 Landscape Photographer Of The Year (LPOTY): Commendation for Urban View

Oct. 2018 British Life Photography Awards: 14 images shortlisted

Nov. 2017 Digital Impact Awards: Best Corporate Website, Gold Award– Barclays and Speak Media (for corporate video work)

Oct. 2017 IPA (International Photography Awards): Honourable mention

May. 2017 TZIPAC Zebra Awards: Four images in the finals

Mar. 2017 International Color Awards: Two images nominated

Dec. 2016 The Smithsonian: Photo Of The Day

Nov. 2016 BW Spider Awards: Two highly commended and four images nominated

Apr. 2016 TZIPAC Zebra Awards: Eight images in finals.

Mar. 2016 International Color Awards: Nomination, Wildlife Category

Feb. 2016 UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards: Commended, Videographer of the Year

Sep. 2015 AOP Photographers Awards: Two images selected for finals

Apr. 2015 International Color Awards: Nominated Image

Feb. 2015 I Shot It Premium Photo Competition : Two images awarded “Marks of Excellence” by judges

Dec. 2014 AOP Photographers Awards: Finalist in Open Award

Dec. 2014 Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY): Finalist in One Shot; Monochromal

Nov. 2014 Landscape Photographer Of The Year (LPOTY): Image commended by judges in the Urban View category

Oct. 2014 Professional Photographer Of The Year (PPOTY): One image shortlisted for the awards

Oct. 2014 BW Spider Awards: Four images nominated

Oct. 2014 IPA (International Photography Awards): Honourable mentions for three photographs and one short film

Aug. 2014 Celeste Prize: Three photographs shortlisted

Jun. 2014 Rode Reel (Short Film): Finalist, Documentaries

Apr. 2014 Fotoura, International Street Photography Awards: Black & White; Commended

Apr. 2014 TZIPAC, International Photography & Art Community: Zebra Awards; Eight Images In Finals

Feb. 2014 International Photography Awards (IPA): One Shot, One World; Six Honourable Mentions

Nov. 2013 Professional Photographer of the Year: Winner; Street Photography

Nov. 2013 The Taste Awards: Nominee; Best Mini Film Or Documentary

Nov. 2013 Professional Photographer of the Year: Finalist; Top 4; Short Movie

Nov. 2013 UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards: Commended, Nikon Videographer of the Year

Nov. 2013 Driven Creativity: Professional Photographer; Shortlist

Nov. 2013 Professional Photographer of the Year: Finalist; Top 20; News

Oct. 2013 B&W Spider Awards: Image Nominated; Silhouette category

Oct. 2013 I Shot It: Two images awarded “Marks Of Excellence”

Jul. 2013 PPY: Highly Commended, Multimedia Category

Jul. 2013 PPY: Selected Image, Features

Jul. 2013 I Shot It: “Mark Of Excellence”

Feb. 2013 The Photography Masters Cup: Nominated in the Americana Category

Nov. 2012 Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY): Finalist, Single Image – Water

Nov. 2012 UK Picture Editors’ Guilds Awards: Finalist, Photo Essay Category

Jun. 2012 B&W Spider Awards: Winning Image; Abstract category

Jun. 2012 B&W Spider Awards: Image nominated; People category

Oct. 2011 Photography Masters Cup: Image nominated

Oct. 2011 Driven Creativity: Image chosen as runner-up

May 2010 Photography Masters Cup: Two images nominated

Aug. 2009 International Independent Short Film Festival, Donetsk ’09: “Best Film Editing” for Muse

Jul. 2009 PPY: Selected Image, News

Jun. 2008 PPY: Runner-up, Arts & Entertainment

Sep. 2006 Prize of Prague: Recipient of the prize, who’s winner is chosen from the winning entries of World Press Photo

Jun. 2006 PPY: Runner-up, Live News

Mar. 2006 British Press Awards: Photographer Of The Year

Mar. 2006 Picture Editor’s Awards: Special Award, News Photographer Of The Year

Feb. 2006 World Press Photo: Third place in “Spot News” section

Apr. 2005 Trinity Mirror Photographic Awards: Second place in “Fashion & Studio” section

Jun. 2000 M.I.L.K. Awards: General winner in the “Family” section

Oct. 1992 Kodak Regional Press Awards: Merit awards for photography & printing, “News & Features”

Jul. 1992 Kodak Regional Press Awards: Winner’s awards for photography & printing, “Sports”


2012 – present: Eyevine: Contributing Photographer

2006 – present: Polaris Images: Contributing Photographer

2008 – 2015: AP: Commissioned Photographer

2007 – 2015: The Times: Commissioned Photographer

2007 – 2015: Barcroft Media: Commissioned Photographer

2007 – 2010: Times Educational Supplement: Commissioned Photographer

2007 – 2011: British Journal of Photography: Commissioned Writer

2007 – 2009: AFP: Commissioned Photographer

2007 – 2008: News Ltd Australia: Commissioned Photographer (Europe)

2002 – 2007: The Press Association: Regular Commissioned Photographer

2002 – 2005: The Times, T2 Arts Section: Regular Commissioned Photographer

2002 – 2005: The Daily Mirror: Regular Commissioned Photographer

2002 – 2003: The Evening Standard: Regular Commissioned Photographer

1990 – present Royal Rota Pass: Covered over 30 Royal rota visits

1991 – 2003: Harrow Observer & Wembley Observer: Senior staff photographer

1998    Gamma (Paris): International syndication of Armenian Earthquake picture story

1998    Apeiron Photos (Athens): Greek syndication of Armenian Earthquake picture story

1994 – 1999 AIM (magazine based in America): Commissioned Photographer

1999 – 2001: Time Out Magazine: Commissioned Photographer

1989 – 1991: Harrow Observer & Wembley Observer: Regular Commissioned Photographer

1989 – 1989: Ealing Gazette: Commissioned Photographer


Sep. 2022 Trickster Remakes This World: London Independent Photography, Rickyard

Nov. 2021 Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year: Two images featured in the exhibition. RPS, Bath

Sep. 2021 Unlocked; Looking Back, Looking Forward: London Independent Photography, Ealing Police Station

Aug. 2021 A Portrait In The Permanent Exhibition; Armenian Music Museum, New Julfa, Iran

Sep. 2019 Home; A Project by LIP: The Rickyard

May 2019 BPPA Assignments: Two images exhibited

Mar. 2019 Travel Photographer Of The Year: London Bridge City

Mar. 2019 The Photography Show: Panasonic Lumix stand; four photographs, NEC, Birmingham

Feb-Sep. 2019 British Life Photography Awards Exhibition: Travelling exhibition visiting London, Banbury, Leyburn and Glastonbury

Sep. 2018 Oblique Strategies: London Independent Photography, London

Dec. 2017 London Independent Photography: The Old Truman Brewery, London

Nov. 2015 Portrait Salon: The Embassy Tea Gallery, London

Oct. 2015 Opera By The River: Solo outdoor exhibition, South Bank, London

Oct. 2015 AOP Photographers Awards: Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

Dec. 2014 AOP Photographers Awards: Islington Business Design Centre

Dec. 2014 Landscape Photographer Of The Year: Waterloo Station; The Mezzanine

Jul. 2014 RPS: Explore The Street, The Cave, London

Jul. 2013 PPY: National Theatre, South Bank, London

Apr. 2013 Fleet Street Photo Exhibition: Fleet Street Press, London

Apr 2012 RNOH Reportage: St James’s Palace, London

Oct 2011 Driven Creativity: The Strand Gallery, London

May 2010 Canon Launch Event, iPF6300: Solo exhibition, Lisbon

Nov. 2009 “What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?”: Solo exhibition, Fulham Palace, London

Jul. 2009 “The Press Photographer’s Year”: Royal National Theatre

Jun. 2008 “A Looking Glass Eye; 21st Century London”: EXIT Gallery, London

Jun 2008 “The Press Photographer’s Year”: Royal National Theatre

Mar. 2008 Litteraturhuset: Group exhibition, Oslo

Sep. 2006 “Prize of Prague”: Solo exhibition, Prague

2006-2007 “World Press Photo 06”: Exhibited in over 80 international cities

May 2006 “The Press Photographer’s Year”: Royal National Theatre

Jun. 2005 “International World Blood Donor Day”: outdoor exhibition, Trafalgar Square, London

Feb. 2005 “New Year’s Day”: British Press Photographers’ Association (BPPA), Focus On Imaging, NEC, Birmingham

Oct. 2004 “5000 Days”: British Press Photographers’ Association (BPPA), Royal National Theatre , London

Jun. 2003 “Unseen”: British Press Photographers’ Association (BPPA), Open Space Gallery, London

Jul. 2001 “M.I.L.K.” Exhibition: New York (Grand Central Terminal) followed by an international tour

Nov. 1995 “Homelands”: Group exhibition, including work from Magnum, The October Gallery, London

Jun. 1995 “…not just a group shot”: Group exhibition of personal photographs, WGLC Gallery, London


2022 Urban; unveils the city and its secrets

2020 Travel Photographer Of The Year; Journey 11

2020 Photography Rules: Essential Dos and Don’ts from Great Photographers

2019 British Life Photography Awards: Portfolio 4

2018 Landscape Photographer Of The Year 12

2015 Albert Herring: Journey

2015 Landscape Photographer of the Year 8

2010 100 Photos of the 21st Century: Editions de la Martiniere

2009 Unseen: BPPA. Three images. (Co-curator of book)

2008 Assignments 03-The Press Photographers’ Year

2006 World Press Photo 06: Spot News section

2006 Assignments-The Press Photographers’ Year

2004 “5000 Days”: BPPA

2003 Unseen: Exhibition Catalogue – BPPA

2003 M.I.L.K. “Our Beautiful Children”

2001 M.I.L.K. “Family Book”

1997 New States, New Politics: Cambridge University Press

Photographer Edmond Terakopian gives a presntation on his career, “30 years of photography; photojournalism and beyond”,  at the Behind The Lens theatre. The Photography Show, NEC, Birminham, UK. March 19, 2019. Photo: Yoshie Nishikawa


2010 – present Bespoke one on one workshops (contact for details)

Oct 2022 PPAI (Press Photographers' Association of Ireland): three Keynote presentations

July 2022 Street Photography group workshop in London for US and Canadian clients, in partnership with Steve Simon

Mar 2019 The Photography Show; Behind The Lens Theatre: 30 Years Of Photography; Photojournalism and Beyond

Mar 2019 The Photography Show: multiple talks for Panasonic Lumix

Mar 2019 Lumix S1; Photographic Retailer Training, UK and Republic of Ireland.

Jan 2019 Panasonic Lumix S1; Presentation during launch event, Barcelona

Mar 2016 The Photography Show: Multiple talks for Olympus & Professional Photography Magazine

Mar 2015 The Photography Show: Multiple talks for Olympus & Snapper Stuff

June 2014 – 2019 Richard Caplan: Bespoke Workshop Tutor

Jun 2014 Dauntsey’s School: Guest Speaker

May 2014 International Features Conference: Guest Speaker

2013 – 2016 London College of Communication (LCC): MA Photojournalism; Guest Lecturer

2011 Leica Akademie tutor, Leica Mayfair: M9 Interactive Workshop

Nov. 2011 Audio for DSLR Video: SAE Bankstock Studios (on behalf of Rode Microphones)

Sep. 2011 Nik Software Webinar: Workflow

Sep. 2011 Metropolitan Police Photographic Society: Street photography workshop

Oct 2010 Workflow: Pro Photo Solutions. Apple’s Aperture & Final Cut Pro workflow

May 2010 Nik Software Webinar: Photojournalistic workflow

Apr. 2010 Ascough / Terakopian: Series of six workshops with wedding photographer Jeff Ascough Mar.

2010 Canon Launch: Lisbon launch of iPF6300; presentation & exhibition

Mar. 2010 Apple Aperture 3: Focus on Imaging, Birmingham

Jul. 2009 Photojournalism: Met Police Photographic Society

Jun. 2008 Photojournalism: DPI Show, Islington

Jun. 2008 Photojournalism Workshop: Apple, Stockley Park

May 2008 Photojournalism: Apple, Stockley Park

Feb. 2008 Photojournalism: Focus on Imaging, Birmingham

Sep. 2007 Photojournalism: Apple, Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan

Aug. 2007 Photojournalism: Oxbridge Academic Program, Cambridge University

Jan. 2007 Behind The Lens: University of Southern California, USA

Apr. 2006 Armenian Earthquake project: World Press Photo winners’ presentations, Amsterdam


2013  Video workshop, Wimbledon Studio

Jul. 2011 Mastering Audio for DSLR Video: Watershed

May 2011 Commercial Photography: Drew Gardner

Aug. 2010 Final Cut Pro: The Frontline Club

May 2010 Converge 2: British Film Institute (BFI)

Mar. 2008 Magnum Workshop: with David Alan Harvey, Oslo

Aug. 2002 Digital Workshop: Nikon digital photography course

Mar. 1999 Kodak UK: Kodak Digital photography course

Aug. 1996 Heydon Press: Adobe Photoshop & Agfa scanning courses

1988 – 1989 The Heatherly School of Fine Art: Foundation course in “Art & Design”

Edmond Terakopian in Karabakh. 1994. Photo: Hakob Berberyan

Edmond Terakopian in Karabakh. 1994. Photo: Hakob Berberyan

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